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There are many ways to get involved and to learn. At TCS we want our customers to have every advantage – to gain knowledge and skills more efficiently as they grow their businesses. Through our partnership with The Cleaner’s Coach, our vendors and the IICRC, Truckmounts & Cleaning Solutions provides certification courses, coaching and workshops every month. Attendees receive the best curriculum from the very best instructors – combining textbook and media with hands-on experience in a comfortable learning environment. Each class provides an opportunity to network with other cleaning and restoration professionals. Students also enjoy refreshments, catered lunches in the training center and special pricing on everything in our store.

Register for Class

It’s easy to sign up for classes online through The Cleaner’s Coach. IICRC courses, business coaching, brand-focused training, marketing & private classes and newsletter creation. Experts start here.

Hands-On Help

Not everyone learns best with a book. That’s why every class and workshop includes hands-on training. Live demos are also available for any equipment we stock when you call ahead.

Check the Schedule

Find out when the next special event is happening at TCS. You can request a specific class to be added to the schedule. It is updated frequently, and we always notify newsletter subscribers.

Learning More

There’s always more to learn. Along with the TCS team, Bruce and Joanna DeLoatch can help you plug into education in a new way. We make it easy, so you can make more time for training that is practical and rewarding.