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Met Mop by Harvard | Gallon

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Neutral Cleaner

Met Mop is a modern combination of synthetic detergents and emulsifiers, which provide multipurpose cleaning of many surfaces. This product will safely and completely perform all cleaning jobs from damp mopping and light cleaning to removal of greasy soils. A wide range of flexibility allows this product to be used on any surface not harmed by water. This is a low foaming, non‐stripping multi‐purpose cleaner that also rinses freely. It contains no acids, abrasives, or strong alkalis. Super concentrated and can be diluted as high as 1 ounce per gallon. This product is completely biodegradable and will not contaminate streams or septic tanks.

All purpose cleaner
 Rinses freely
 Completely biodegradable
 Great for High Gloss floors
 Safe for all cleaning jobs
 Contains detergents and emulsifiers

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