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At TCS, we build truckmounts. But that is just the beginning. Truckmounts & Cleaning Solutions is a one-stop shop for the things your cleaning and restoration business needs from week to week. Having great products is part of that of course. You can also count on us for advice, training, and genuine support. Whether your company is just getting started or expanding its fleet, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to truckmounts.

The TCS BRAVE is our most compact and affordable cleaning system. It comes packed with all the things you would expect from a larger truckmount – General TX pump with a clutch, high-pressure 3HT heater, DSL self-lubricating blower from Sutorbilt, plus our exclusive 19 HP Kohler engine equipped with an upgraded industrial solenoid and starter. The BRAVE operates quietly at full throttle without reducing the CFM performance.


The TCS WARRIOR console is only 16″ wide, but it has all the power you need for residential and light commercial work. Complete with a fresh water tank, triple reels, and live solution and supply hose, this truckmount package comes ready to perform right out of the box.


The TCS CHIEF is the strongest truckmount we build for single-wand operation. All its major components were chosen for maximum running hours with the least maintenance required. For commercial and large residential work, this system produces excellent cleaning and extraction results up to 500 feet away from the machine!

The TCS CHIEF II is only one model up from the standard TCS CHIEF, but it’s a big jump in performance. This is a true dual-wand system, capable of sending hot water out and recovering it from two operators each 250 feet from the vehicle, or a single run of over 500 feet. With the most horsepower and CFM of any TCS truckmount, the CHIEF II is ideal for large commercial cleaning. Designed to be equally effective cleaning carpet and hard surfaces as well as water damage restoration work, this truck-mounted equipment is the top of the TCS line.


The TCS CHIEF II DIESEL is a dual-wanding powerhouse. It was designed to be installed in a high-top diesel vehicle, box truck or enclosed trailer. With all the same performance as the standard CHIEF II plus extra diesel heat and stainless filter box, this truckmount system has everything you need for two operators to maintain 200 degrees or more while cleaning carpet or tile!

The TCS FLOOD TROOPER is a no-nonsense extraction-only truckmount. The Honda iGX800 EFI has plenty of power to turn the 4M Suitorbilt blower and maximum RPMs with horsepower to spare. This machine can extract efficiently over long distances, and with 100 gallons of wastewater capacity, the FLOOD TROOPER is the perfect truckmount system for water damage restoration.