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Honda iGX800 EFI engine
Sutorbilt 4M DSL dual belt-driven vacuum blower
General Emperor solution pump HTXS1810S
Little Giant 3HT high pressure heater with safety relief valve
250′ black painted vacuum hose reel
225’ vacuum hose 2″ with connectors & vinyl cuffs
25′ vacuum hose 1.5″ with vinyl cuffs
250′ continuous high pressure solution hose with live reel
100′ continuous supply hose with live reel
100 gl recovery tank with 2-stage filtration & automatic shut off
55 gallon fresh water supply tank with automatic shut-off
5 gallon chemical injection container with holder
12” 2-jet stainless steel wand



The TCS CHIEF is the strongest truckmount we build for single-wand operation. All its major components were chosen for maximum running hours with the least maintenance required. For commercial and large residential work, this system produces excellent cleaning and extraction results up to 500 feet away from the machine!


The open design of the TCS CHIEF truckmount console ensures easy access to components for inspection and maintenance. This also helps the entire system operate at cooler temperatures.

The TCS CHIEF is certified by Honda. The iGX800 EFI engine has more than enough horsepower to provide excellent vacuum and pressure performance without being strained (even at full throttle). The engine itself is protected internationally by Honda’s own manufacturer warranty.

The DSL blower from Gardner Denver on the TCS CHIEF does not require grease. It turns at a 1:1 ratio to ensure maximum airflow, suction and lift. While running, the tachometer on the front of the console shows exact RPMs of the engine so you can be sure of your vacuum performance.

High-pressure heater with copper coils from Little Giant boasts a 120,000 BTU output which means you can reach consistent temperatures over 200 degrees in less than 60 seconds.

The TCS CHIEF comes standard with an Emporer HTX1810S pressure pump from General Pump capable of 1500 PSI (CAT 290 pump also available upon request). All TCS truckmounts come standard with an electric pump clutch for easy extraction-only operation.

55-gallon cylindrical fresh water tank is also standard with the TCS CHIEF. It takes up much less floor space than other fresh water tanks on the market and has simple design and components for auto fill, auto shut-off, and filtration.

The powder coated recovery tank is made of thick light-weight aluminum that is welded inside and out. Slanted bottom plate design ensures maximum wastewater evacuation.


– 2000 PSI HTXS Pump & XP Heater
– Electric Vacuum Reel
– 100 Gallon Fresh Water Tank
– Additional Hoses
– Titanium Wand
– In-Line Filter
– Automatic Waste Pump (APO)

– Spray-In Bed Liner
– Steel Van Divider
– 3 Tier Aluminum Shelf
– LED Light Kit


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