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Why Us?

TCS Maintenance and Repair Services are available for more than just our brand of truckmount equipment.  Even if you didn’t purchase the equipment from us, we will be glad to help keep it in excellent working condition.

We service portable extractors, cleaning tools, and restoration equipment like dehumidifiers and air movers. Smaller truckmount equipment can be dropped off and put in queue if it can’t be serviced while you wait. Our walk-in service is always available for most truckmount needs, but feel free to make an appointment for larger projects like de-installation or re-installation of an entire system.

TCS repair and maintenance services are available for portable carpet cleaning extractors, encapsulation machines, rotary cleaning machines, air movers, commercial truck mounts, and other such cleaning tools.


A complete systems check is always the first step in equipment repair and maintenance. Once the problem is identified, we help you choose the best course of action.When you entrust your equipment service and repair needs to TCS, you can expect to receive a thorough analysis and a proper diagnostic. We also make sure to provide a detailed description of the service needed. Our unparalleled workmanship is all you need for your equipment.

Equipment Maintenance

Each machine we sell comes with detailed manufacturer’s instructions on how to maintain the entire unit properly. We believe that preventative maintenance is key to the longevity of your cleaning equipment. The timing for regular maintenance varies for each machine and we’re here to let you know about yours. Our trained techs have the skills to handle any truck-mount or portable carpet cleaning equipment. Moreover, we can repair all the other cleaning tools as well as supply parts to ensure that everything works efficiently. We are confident enough that you’ll appreciate the TCS Repair Services, as your customers will, too.

Equipment Installation

Our services include removal, repair, and installation of truckmount equipment of all kinds. When your equipment is down, TCS can get you up and put you back on the road in record time. We have been very selective in employing only the most highly qualified individuals with years of experience to do damage control when you need it the most. If the truckmount equipment that you need to be repaired is a brand that we do not carry, we will do our best to coordinate with you and the manufacturer to obtain the parts you need.

Equipment Repair

All equipment will eventually need maintenance. If your equipment isn’t functioning at optimal levels and you are losing money, waste no more time. Here at TCS, we understand that any cleaning professional wants to protect their business investments with regular servicing and maintenance performed by highly trained and knowledgeable technicians.

The manufacturer-certified technicians at TCS can help you determine the best decision to get the most out of your equipment. Our technicians can repair, and service the truckmounts, portable extractors, air movers, dehumidifiers, and most any equipment you use.

Truck Mount Service & Repairs include


Oil Changes

Minor Repairs

Major Repairs

Regular Maintenance

System Descaling 

Blower Oil Change

Pump Repairs

Hose Repairs

Valve Replacements

De-installation / Re-installation of Equipment

We will help keep your equipment running at its peak performance.


Give us a call, or send pictures/video of the project you’re working on to You can also text the service department at 770-729-7117.

It’s more than the parts we have on the shelf that makes our service department such an important part of your business. Our team is proud to be available to help you with knowledge and honest advice that comes from decades of experience. See for yourself why cleaners and restorers alike trust “the shop” at TCS for their maintenance and repair.