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Fabric Protector by Shield Industries | 22 oz Spray

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Fabric Protector by Forcefield

This is a ready-to-use protector, which represents a large advance in water-based soil and stain repellent technology. The active ingredients in FORCEFIELD® AQ Water Based Carpet and Upholstery Protector are designed to repel spills and stains and to provide carpets and fabric with anti-soiling, stain release attributes that that will enhance the beauty and the life of the fibers. The anti-soiling and stain release qualities of this protectant will keep the carpet from soiling as fast, which allows for a cleaner looking carpet with less cleanings needed. The stain release factors in this product allows for most stains and spills to be easily cleaned as the protector will help prevent the stains from actually attaching itself to the carpet or fabric fibers and permanently altering the color of the fibers.
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