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New Energy by Newline | Solvent Booster and Olefin Carpet Cleaner | Gallon

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New Energy | Olefin Carpet Pre-Spray and Booster

New Energy is a semi-volatile and multi-purpose Olefin Carpet Pre-Spray, spotter and solvent booster. New Energy excels at emulsifying oils, waxes and tars from carpet fibers….especially Olefin! New Energy breaks the bond the oils form with Olefin fibers. New Energy’s super-concentrated formula greatly improves cleaning performance of traditional pre-sprays in a fast economical way.

For spot and stain remover use: Apply full strength to carpet or upholstery with a clean white cloth. Extract and rinse thoroughly. For wax, paint or gum removal, apply full strength to the residue and use a dull scraper to remove loosened material.

For pre-spray booster use: Dilute 0.5 oz. per gallon for pump/electric sprayers. Dilute 4 oz. per 5 quarts for injection sprayers and meter at 1:8.

For olefin carpet pre-spray: Dilute 8 - 16 oz. per gallon. Spray area and allow 5 minutes of dwell time. Rinse thoroughly.

pH: NA
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