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OS-1 by CTI Pro's Choice | Odor, Stain and Soil Remover | Gallon

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OS-1 (Gallon) by CTI Pro's Choice | Odor, Stain and Soil Remover

Description: OS-1 is an all in one, ready to use, high performance, odor eliminator with built in stain and soil removal. OS-1 integrates the power of natural oxygen release with the biological power of odor modification and encapsulation to destroy odors while cleaning agents break down oils and soil for easy removal.

Usage: OS-1 will eliminate odors on contact. For best results apply OS-1 in sufficient quantity to reach not only the visible surface contamination but also all sub-surface contamination. Agitate the area gently but thoroughly then blot or extract away the soil. If extraction method is employed, use a Mist-and Vac technique to minimize the diluting of your OS-1 with water. Make a second light topical application of OS-1 to the area and allow to dry. Any stains not removed by the cleaning will disappear as the spot dries.

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