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Saiger's Sauce Code Red | Powdered Prespray | 6.5 LB Jar

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Brand: MAXX Chemical Solutions

Saiger's Sauce Code Red

This an enhanced version of the original Saiger’s Sauce 1, incorporating an oxidizer and enzyme for tackling tough, greasy soils. Its unique formula combines a potent oxidizer with a fast-acting enzyme, effectively breaking down oily deposits and organic soils without the common issue of enzyme degradation by oxidizers or heat.

Code Red is optimized for cold water use, suitable for smaller cleaning equipment, and works faster with heat. However, it has a shorter shelf life once mixed, so it's best used the same day. This product excels in challenging environments like trashed rental carpets, neglected residential carpets, and greasy restaurant areas, especially near kitchen exits. It removes thick grease effectively, leaving no residue and is fragrance-free, allowing for the addition of preferred deodorizers.

Additionally, Code Red is free from harsh additives like butyls, D-limonene, NTA, solvents, and fragrance, making it safer for users and those in treated environments.

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