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Saiger's Sauce Deep Blue Rinse | All-Purpose, Fiber-Rinsing Agent | Gallon

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Brand: MAXX Chemical Solutions

Saiger's Sauce Deep Blue Rinse - All Purpose All Fiber Rinsing Agent

To complement and enhance our Saiger’s Sauce line of products with even more DEEP cleaning results, we worked diligently to create our new Saiger’s Sauce Deep Blue All Purpose– All Fiber Rinse!

*Slightly acidic to neutral depending on mixing ratios, we worked to create a rinse that would neutralize and also provide extra cleaning power with no residues!

*The enhanced cleaning power will speed up your cleaning times.

*One Rinse that is safe on all fibers yet will rival also high alkaline rinses and tackle those dirty restaurant and commercial situations.

*So Versatile can be used with Wool, and other fine fabrics, or even to help remove urine salts deposits.

*A great conditioning agent that will help to bring out the colors of the acid dyes in carpets and make them fluffy and soft!

* Stabilizes dyes, inhibits browning and color bleeding.

*SAFE for all Carpet cleaning equipment. Not too acidic that will have a negative effect on the plumbing of your expensive truck mounts and portables!

pH: 4-5

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