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Saiger's Sauce P-Lime Zyme Lime Citron | Pet Stain & Odor Destroyer | Gallon

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Saiger's Sauce P-Lime Zyme | Pet Stain & Odor Destroyer

Pleasant fruity lime scent!

Knock out and destroy tough pet stains and odors at the source! This product is a blend of odor counteractants plus a bio-active enzymatic formula.

P-ZYME relies on a special blend of odor counteractants to first knock down and suppress tough odors while bio-active bacterial enzymes go to work, digesting odor causing organic residues at the source. P-ZYME harnesses the power of natural enzymes formed by good bacteria so it is fafe for use around pets and children.

Effective against organic odors including pet urine, feces, grass, mold, mildew, organic rot, vomit, smoke, skunk, and more!

Short dwell time of only 30 minutes is needed. Longer may be needed for more intense pet odors and stains.


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